This is my very FIRST time to join When SAHMone Speaks Meme and I love reading about my fellow SAHMs’ thoughts

This is my very FIRST time to join When SAHMone Speaks Meme and I love reading about my fellow SAHMs’ thoughts. The question for this week is:Do you tell your significant other everything about your worries? The progressive parent in me answers: YES. Anything that I feel so anxious about– things that I keep thinking which most of the times keep me insomniac, worries that cause my blood pressure to rise and give me tachycardia, and most especially, afflictions or laments that I see in our relationship, in each of our families, and in our daughter’s growth, and not to mention financial worries– I voice everything out to my husband. Ever since I became his wife, he became my total confidante as well. So, everything that troubles me, he knows. The reason is, we have a lot of time to talk together during bed time and we pray together in the morning and at night as well so knowing each other’s worries help because we both get help and support from other as well. I think it keeps the relationship healthy, healed, and matured, too. Healthy in a way that honesty is kept and being maintained since one isn’t hiding anything from the other. If those worries cause you grief and sorrow, then the other partner will be there to comfort and lift you up. Healed in a way that your partner will be able to laugh at your worries when it is not really worrisome at all (which is the case most of the time for my worries), or when your partner can help you find a way on how to ease your worries. Sometimes, a simple “Don’t worry sweetheart, things will be fine” and a pat in the back or shoulders and a hug or kiss is healing enough. Matured in a way that doing such such shows that both of you are open-minded enough to listen to one’s worries and receptive to one’s feelings and anxiousness. Both of us practice the same attitude and I think it helps build our relationship even more solid. Most of all, having God as our partner in our marriage whom we could submit all our worries to– makes things become so easy!

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