So last night, I went to yet another signing

So last night, I went to yet another signing. This time for the fabulous Michelle Zink. I was relieved to see some kids in the audience because they were the ones that asked most of the questions. Well, but first off - I got a little lost on the way to Borders and ended up at Half Priced Books - which I had heard rumors of from a friend of mine. Imagine... books that are half of the list price! Well, I found four, bought them and then headed off the RIGHT way to Borders. Sadly, the Borders I was at did not have wi-fi yet. So I walked (in my nice sandals) to Caribou. I had to stop on my way - at Walgreens - where I bought some blister bandaids because my feet were already in pain. I was nervous but excited - because Michelle said she may be available after the signing to go out afterwards for a bit with me. (More on that later).So, finally at Borders and who do I see? Some other young woman - Danielle - who was at Maggie's signing. So we ended up sitting together and chatting. She's an aspiring author and was really awesome to talk to. Here's a picture of us with Michelle after the signing. I had actually won a signed copy of PotS and a regular copy previously. So I bought an extra - got one signed to my future sister-in-law whose birthday is at the end of October (she's 14 and loves to read!) and then one for one of my followers! But, I'm waiting a bit on the contest, because I'm going to be running a different contest first (so look for the PotS contest to come!).While she was signing my book, she told me how much she had been dying to meet me! I was like.. wait.. that's MY line. :-DI got a great big hug from Michelle and another picture and was sad to hear that she was dead on her feet and so was her driver. She was really fabulous and I can't wait to hang with her again during the YA Conference this Saturday. Hopefully she's been resting a bit between her school visits and book signings and will be ready to chat it up on the panels. So, you'll see another post this Saturday or Sunday chatting all about that... :-D. I had a ton of fun at the signing and wish more awesome authors would come my way!

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