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Sunday Spotlight - iRead n iReview Today I have a book blogger who is a teen and is from a different country! I'm always surprised by how the popular books in the United States are popular books in other countries. Learn more about MizzYasmin below! Name: MizzYasminNickname and, or blog name: iRead n iReviewBlog URL: Tell me a bit about yourself.- I am a 15 year old Malaysian book reviewer, book lover and book worm.- I love it if someone calls me by Mizz Yasmin.- I am still a student - Love making new friends :)When and why did you start your blog? Before 'iRead n iReview' were born, I called my blog 'Lets Talk About Books'. I reviewed lots of books because I love books and I was thought by my parents to read. Reading makes a man, they say. But no one knows my existence plus, I didn't know other book blog's existence as well. After a while I got bored of it and I left it hanging. Plus, it was kind of lame and all. A year later, I found 'Reverie Book Reviews' when I was looking for books after I read the Twilight series. Then, I spent hours on reconstructing my blog. And ta-daaaa! You are reading this! :)What is your blog all about? Any cool features you want to share? The title of my blog says it all! First, I read. Then, I review. I joined a few popular memes like: In My Mailbox and On My Wishlist because I think it's cool! I started my own meme as well. Well, not really a meme. I just want to interact with my readers about books that they would like to share with me. It is called 'Books To Talk About'. I also feature Malaysian books that I recently read. My main target is actually on Malaysians but I also want everyone to read my blog. I always make time so that I can work on it. What are some of your favorite genres and/or books currently? I adore Young Adult books! I also love books with humor and a little of love and crushes along the way. I am a fan of Meg Cabot. But, I haven't read Princess Diaries. My favorite book would be All American Girl and Ready or Not. I also like Sleepless by Terri Clark. How do you find out about the books you read? Other blogs of course! And I am a cover lover. I pick the books with great covers before I read the synopsis. Any tips or advice for those starting or thinking about starting a blog? Before you start one, think EVERYTHING through! Templates, rating system, pictures, everything. Write it somewhere first because you don't want your blog to look like a mess. And you don't want to keep changing your template. It is a pain in the re-constructing it. Make sure you really have great passion towards books. You don't just want to book blog a few month and leave it hanging and all! Thank you Aina for stopping by! It's always great to meet bloggers from other places and see what similar books we read all over the world!

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