YouTube. Will any of you contribute?

YouTube. Will any of you contribute? I read the news today, oh boy/ About a lucky man who made the grade… Ridley Scott and YouTube have been inspired by social media connectivity and The Beatles classic ‘A Day in the Life.” Through a global collaborative effort, Scott and YouTube plan to create a documentary of what life was like on July 24th 2010—much like John Lennon’s musing on the temporal in ‘A Day in the Life.’ This is definitely a new direction for filmmaking and for digital media. Usually, a film begins and ends with industry topdogs. Hollywood creative teams (execs, producers, writers and directors) will take a story and generate a film for a mass audience. Filmmaking has been turned on its head by opening up the creative process to the everyman. Social media, crowd sourcing and collaborative creation are where it’s at in the post-future world we live in. Come July 24th we can all collaborate with Ridley Scott, earn a ‘co-director’ credit and carve out a niche in filmmaking when the movie premiers at Sundance 2011. It’s an amazing opportunity indeed… but what’s even more exciting, is this new genre of filmmaking will have broader implications that effect the notion of “art”, and the media industry in general. Ridley Scott is recognizing the potential for greatness in the amateur. What is ‘Life In A Day’ director Kevin McDonals looking for? McDonals released a statement which read, “Life in a Day is a time capsule that will allow future generations to discover how we lived on the 24th of July 2010.” What content will peak his interest? And why is July 24th 2010 the big day? Is it an arbitrary date selected to accommodate Ridley Scott’s production schedules, or is there some deeper meaning? Will the ‘Life in a Day’ team include average, everyday citizens shaving, hitting Starbucks and heading to the office? What about authenticity? Will submissions be an honest account of July 24th or will people submit sensationalized material? Are you submitting your life to YouTube and Ridley Scott? What will you contribute to this “time capsule?” Leave us a comment and let us know!

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