Finding Your (Brand's) Voice!

Finding Your (Brand's) Voice! If your brand has any goals of success in social media you should know that one of the first things that you have to decide on is the voice of your brand. Here’s the thing. Your brand has a personality and a voice whether you want it to or not. That’s why it is entirely to your benefit to sit down and figure out what you want that voice to be before it happens all by itself and you’re either stuck with a voice you don’t like or you have to make a big change that confuses your audience. Note: There will be times when your voice does need to be tweaked due to changes in the brand. That’s fine. In those times you should have content and conversation about the changes going on anyway and introducing your updated voice can be part of the changes. Having a consistent voice for your brand accomplishes a few things: 1) Makes your audience comfortable with your brand. When your audience is comfortable with your brand they will become more likely to enter contests, engage in conversations, ask questions, and supply user generated content. Giving them a consistent voice will help raise that comfort level drastically. 2) Makes your brand seem like one of the group. This is more important to some brands than others. However, if you’re looking for trust and relationships, being “one of the gang” is a great way to get ahead and be accepted as an authority on your subject. 3) Makes your audience feel like they know you. Although they will never know everything that is going on behind the scenes, your fans and followers will feel like they’ve got an inside track when they hear a consistent voice giving them information that they find value in. Note: Having a consistent and appropriate voice does not mean that you don’t also have to have great content and share valuable information. This is a puzzle and missing pieces will be noticed. It goes like this, your brand doesn’t have to the same voice as anyone else. You can be welcoming, supportive and polite or tough, short and sarcastic – whatever your brand calls for. If you’re selling teddy bears I would probably suggest being a little more cuddly than if you are an MMA organization. In the end, your voice defines you. It plays a huge part in whether people choose to interact with your brand and make your social media efforts a success. Take your time, do your homework and be consistent. This isn’t a small deal.

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