Oh, to be a work-at-home mom!

Oh, to be a work-at-home mom! Instead of having Sunday as a free day, mine is actually spent in my rewarding online jollification! Yep, not dilly-dallying at all! My proof? Some extra moolah in my Paypal! I actually am grateful that today, our temperature is still below zero, like it was in the previous days and it will still be in the coming days. Although it is dreadful to deal with the freezing conditions, I am looking at the positive side of it wherein we are stopped in going somewhere. Being stuck at home gives me extra time to mind my online rackets without disturbance because the husband is around to take over and enjoy his “daddyhood” role. Earning money from home is worth it! Aside from blogging, being one of the ZNZ Network Referral Agents is what keeps me up. And the most recent gig I am into is my Web Consultant job. I am still on a training mode for it and although it is challenging on my part to learn new things, skills, and terms in the new job, I am determined to pass the training stage so that I can make it to the “real” employment status. My housemates knocked on my door as I was concentrating earlier and reminded me to have fun and not be too serious with work and I thought of making a “selfie”. Lol. Selfie as I had the time! Lol. And then I am reminded of my textbooks that need to be tackled as well. My schooling has been set aside for days now and I am fighting to not ignore it for good! As a parent that has plenty of things to do in a day, I can only wish that it is Sunday every day! Lol. I may be stuck at home today because of the temperature in the negatives but I am definitely now lazying around! So much to do but so little time! And I am thankful that I get to do stuff in just the comfort of my own home! How about you– how is your Sunday so far? March is a love month for me! That’s because a lot of my friends and loved ones are celebrating their birthdays on this month. I do celebrate my birthday on this month, too. That means when this month ends, I am already 30 years old. Yay! Thank God for the gift of life! The past 29 years of my existence have been grand; I wish to live another 2 or 3 sets of 30 years with my family. When March started, lots of birthday treats have been flooding my mailbox– discounts and free shipping deals for some shopping spree! Last March 1, a friend had a birthday. Another friend turned a year older on March 3rd. On March 5th, my niece and a friend’s son also celebrated their natal days. On the 6th, it was my SIL’s turn. In the coming days, a few more will be celebrating their special days. Indeed, so much love fill this month for me!

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