The Daylight Saving Time has officially returned and last Sunday, we adjusted our clocks and watches one hour ahead

The Daylight Saving Time has officially returned and last Sunday, we adjusted our clocks and watches one hour ahead. Did you guys enjoy it? This kiddo did. Well, it was a sunny and bright Sunday afternoon for us so she was asking if we can take a photo of herself enjoying the sunshine and the greenery outside. Sure enough, she was ecstatic! We stayed out most times of the day to do some yardwork like clean our garden an so the girls truly had fun. On the other hand, our activity last Saturday was even more fulfilling. We went to the Nursing Home and visited the elderly to sing songs with them and tell them stories to make them feel valued and loved. As a family, we have been doing this pretty often ever since I got here in the US. No fail, wherever we are, as long as we are welcome at a facility, we go. We love the old folks and we have taught our dear daughters to develop this kind of service to the elderly. There. Another set of beautiful memories we made on the first weekend after a long time that I was off of work. Hopefully, another one or two coming up of this kind of visit. What beautiful memory did you create for today’s once-in-four-years moment? You see, February 29th comes but only once every four years and so for me, we ought to make memories that we could cherish for a lifetime on this special leap day! For us, it can be summed up in this collaged photos below: I stayed in my house robe the whole day except for a few minutes when I had to go out to pick up the daughter from school. Since I stayed home most of the times today to sleep in after having worked exhaustingly last night, I was entitled to just be comfortable in my own cozy fleece night robe being home with our little Tiara. It was such a beautiful and gorgeous day today. It started with a very foggy morning that I had a hard time driving home with poor visibility along Hi-way 67 from Texas Health Cleburne to Keene. But then the sun rose by mid-day and then we were able to spend time outside watching the husband weeded up our front yard plants of roses and apple trees. More than the special moments I got to share with my awesome housemates, I am thankful that we are together on this rare day that occurs every four years only. I think I have nice things and words to remember four years from now, when the next Leap Year happens again.

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