Our daughter’s piano lesson has been delayed and that is because of budget constraints

Our daughter’s piano lesson has been delayed and that is because of budget constraints. We understand that getting your child enrolled in a piano lesson, or any music lesson for that matter, is a regular expense and we can’t include such expenses yet into our monthly budget. “It can wait”, we always tell ourselves. However, we won’t be stopped in getting this new yamaha np31 for our daughter. We only have the 61-key-digital keyboard that she can use here at home so an update would be really cool. However, we are torn between a digital piano and a real one. Since we can enroll her to a piano lesson soon, we are thinking that a real piano is a lot better. Of course, everybody around us who has a background in music would say the same. So, maybe we’ll just wait till we can find the best piano that we can get for our aspiring pianist. And don’t underestimate her! She may not be taking any piano lessons yet but she can play BY EAR. It is something that we are so proud about her and she definitely is a wonderful daughter. Hooray! We made it to the last day of 2014 and even to the first day of the new year 2015! God is good, all the time! This is actually a somewhat late post as it’s been a super busy fun day for me to be updating my blogs so I hope you don’t mind. I am just sharing my New Year and grateful thoughts because every good and special things do deserved a tribute. Welcoming the new year for us has always been a special event as it marks another accomplishment and another manifestation of God’s faithfulness. We started our evening with a devotional and our devotional book says we ought to keep turning our eyes upon Jesus. Sure enough, it is a thing worth doing not only in 2014 but in the coming years ahead. I prepared our media noche and feasted on it with friends whom I invited for a new year’s salo-salo. I am grateful more than ever as this is our very first New Year in our very first home. We don’t have the thickest and biggest pocket and we are content with what we have because we the hearts big enough to feel the love and give it out to those whom we love as well. We are satisfied with the simple things that we have and they are basically the ones that we need. We don’t fill our home with material luxuries that are just for hoarding because we don’t have the, once again, thickest pockets. But we are grateful that we are being supplied with what we need. Thank you, Lord!

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