Eleven Years Ago Today….

Eleven Years Ago Today…. Today is a special day. The husband and I consider every March 21st as one. That’s because it was on this day 11 years ago that he told me he loved me and he wanted me to be his leading lady. To which I replied “Yes. That I wanted to love him, too, even though I was scared to do so.” LOL. And because he never gave me a chance to take my “Yes” back, I am glad I did tell him that as everything was worth it, 11 years later! Oh… everything is still so fresh in our memory. It was only 5 months since we knew each other for the first time. He was already a college instructor that time and I was only a freshman in college. I was a stranger in that place and in that church but he was so kind and genuine to me. He was a choirmate of my older sister who was shocked to know that Jon was my boyfriend a month after we became “us”. My older sister was like, “Gang, are you sure? Jon is an Engineer and already a teacher! You must be kidding me!” Well, I wasn’t. And Jon wasn’t joking either. Lol. It’s been a while when his mom kept on reminding him that there are ladies at church who she heard were liking him. That she was just reminding because he might have forgotten that he was getting older. HAH! It was a long story and a complicated one full of odds, challenges, pains, and joys of course! But the shortest version of it is, we made it to today! Eleven years ago today, I was handed down the sweetest words I have received ever in my entire life! A hand-made card (thus, error-prone, hehe) which he intended to give on my 18th birthday but was given a week in advance because I was going to celebrate my birthday that year in Manila. An 11-year-old card The quote words used are copied of course from an Anonymous Poet but it was smart of him to have used it! There are many words to show one’s love: A mighty knight with his sword and a Stateman with his words; And old composer with his rhyme and a hungry hunter with his arrow; A poet with his prose but this coward with his rose. And yes, there were love letters before and after this card that were written down! Indeed, God is too wise to be mistaken in providing me the man that knows how to make my heart beat fast just with a pen and a paper! Lol.

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