Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Ways to Keep Kids Busy With so many days when my academicians were home, I had to find a lot of ways to enjoy our time indoor. See, it is freezing cold here where I live so enjoying the outdoor is just not an option now that winter season is at its coldest. My daughter used to didn’t have the word “boring” in her vocabulary but ever since she started schooling, it has become a part of her words. I always tell her not to give emphasis to the word ‘boring’ because it is not good and most of the times, she listens. However, I had to do my job as well. I had to find ways to keep her busy and occupied. I don’t let her have a whole lot of screen times so I am pretty much involved in her indoor fun. Here are five simple and inexpensive ideas that I did with her to keep her busy during those long days of no school and we couldn’t leave the house. Have a Picnic The word “picnic” just evokes fun, doesn’t it? Get out the basket and let the kids decide what to have for lunch on the living room floor. No, you don’t have to be outside to do a picnic. The living room could be a great place. With finger foods, crackers, veggie sticks or sandwiches, a picnic blanket laid on the living room floor is good enough. My daughter loves this activity! Just Dance Kids LOVE to dance. Turn on some music and just dance! I don’t dance but a move here and a move there work. Triz has a CD player so she gets to choose any music she wants to play. It is more fun as it is Tiara’s favorite. Yep, she likes seeing the big sister having fun by dancing. I bet she wishes she can get up and dance, too! LOL. With dancing, not only will everybody have fun but we will also burn off some of that pent-up energy. Good workout, eh? Put All of Their Senses to Work Fill up a few bowls with a variety of textured objects like dry beans or rice, cold cooked spaghetti, cotton balls, or anything else that the kids would have a fun time feeling. Another fun one is peeled grapes…they feel very weird! Have the kids close their eyes, touch the items, and try to guess what the different objects are. This is Ate Triz’s favorite of all favorites! Play With Food There are some food items that the kids can use to “build” and have fun with. Pretzels can be used to create stick figures or mazes, using peanut butter as glue. Marshmallows are pliable and can be formed into snowmen or people (use those pretzels for arms and legs!). The possibilities are endless so experiment, you guys! Snuggle Up Sometimes the best thing to do is pop in a favorite movie, make a bowl of popcorn, and get under the warmest blankets you can find. Eating popcorn in the living room is a treat in anybody’s house. Throw in snuggling together and it sends the kids over the moon! We don’t watch movies often but we snuggle together in the couch or bed and enjoyed a Jewel Star game via our Kindle Fire. Lol.

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