The unexpected benefits of blogging

The unexpected benefits of blogging Posted by Peter F on January 17 2007 in Business. There are no comments yet. Add yours! I just finished the first call on the Business Blog Basics course, and man was it inspiring. One of the topics we touched on was the unexpected benefits blogging brings. Invariably, the process of blogging leads to unexpected opportunities. This happens for every blogger I know. In my case, the biggest unexpected opportunity led to the creation of The Blog Studio. I’ve had many, many other unexpected benefits, ranging from receiving a free cell phone, to being on national TV. All of this came as a result of blogging. Initially I didn’t set out to do anything other than to write about, well, stuff. That first step led to unbelievable prosperity – not just monetarily (we’re still a young business!), but in intangibles as well. I’ve made so many new friends and contacts, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way are invaluable. Everyone who blogs for business will at some point have a door open for them that they didn’t even know existed. It’s the nature of the beast. When setting out to create a business blog, you can’t plan on this happening, but it will (unless you’re the exception that proves the rule). I think this topic has been quite overlooked in the general discussion of the benefits of business blogging. I have no data to support my premise. But I’ll try to dig something up. In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear your stories. Have you had an unexpected benefit come as a result of blogging? What was it?

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