I installed WordPress 2.1 on Almost Cool tonight

I installed WordPress 2.1 on Almost Cool tonight. These are my initial impressions. The login screen is puurrrrty. Wordpress. com users have been looking at this for some time now. Lucky them. I think it’s gorgeous. The backend interface has been cleaned up. The tab colour has been made darker, and whole nav bar had been given a thick bottom border in the same dark blue. It jumps more. Thumbs up. The wysiwyg post editor how has a speedy switch to code view. You can flip back and forth without refreshing the page. Very handy. I might even use the wysiwyg thing now. Posts now auto-save. Cool. You’ve got to enter a title first though, fyi. There’s been more ajax added. Comments can be enabled and disabled on the fly. There’s an export feature! It’s designed specifically to move your data between WordPress sites. Moving servers just got a lot easier! Rather than having to get into your database, do an export, login to the new database, hope it’s the same version or newer than what you exported from, import the new data, etc etc, you can just start with a clean install, and only import your data. Nice. I’ve heard some people say that the backend seems faster. Running on the crappy shared server that Almost Cool lives at, I don’t see any difference. Overall, it’s a nice, tightening up of the backend. It still looks a little slap-dash, but that’s part of it’s charm. There are no earth-shattering new features in this updgrade. Still it’s well worth the price!

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