I Say NO to Running Away!

I Say NO to Running Away! It is my second time joining When SAHMone Speaks and the question for this week is: “Was there a time in your life when you thought “running away” was the only solution to your problem?” The progressive parent in me answers: When I was young, our family went through a tremendous amount of problem that yes, running away, I thought, could solve the problem. But I was still young, very dependent to my parents and siblings, so there was no way I could put into action the thought that crossed my mind. What those experiences taught me was to continue life and strive hard towards success and that no matter what, my family– no matter how screwed up and flawed it is, will always be my family. I grew up very matured and responsible because of too much family problems in the past. Now that I am married, problems we experienced as a couple are nothing when the husband and I conquer it together. When our relationship in the past was tested by distance, time, and so many odds, our motto was “we are stronger when we’re together” so we made it a point that we shall endure until we can finally be at each other’s side supporting and being each other’s fan for all time. I say NO to running away when problems in one’s marriage comes. In good and bad times, through pestilence and peril, in sickness and in health, running away shouldn’t be an option at all. It’s sharing its other’s burdens and finding the solution to one’s problem together that is!

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