Our weekend has been great!

Our weekend has been great! With friends coming over last Saturday and two of them (a couple) left at 1AM, it made my Sunday lousy and dreary that I hadn’t been too alive in getting up and do my usual weekend routine. Instead, I was being idle in bed and in the couch. I felt so tired that day. Ha ha ha. So what made our friends (the couple) left so late? Well, our chat about our yesteryears which was too hard to stop. Questions would keep on arising between the four of us (me and the husband and G and her husband). So my husband’s yesteryears was laid out on the table, from his childhood years to getting his Mechanical Engineer degree and working in a plant minding those micrometers and other complicated stuff that only engineers do, to coming here in the US and finishing his graduate studies. And so do ours. The nicest thing about it is that G’s husband, an American, was the one who was most interested to know about our lives. I couldn’t believe it actually. He is this elite person here in the city, owning a jewelry/diamond store which made him known to be really rich, and yet, he was so interested about us. He told us how inspired he is of us. I know, that was so nice of him, really. It’s one of those moments when I could thank heavens for bringing good people in our lives. My weekend may have been tiring but it was wonderful, with Filipino friends coming over and enjoying a little feast at my kitchen! And that very long talk– that was priceless! It was awesome knowing a new friend even more.

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