Schoolhooling has begun in our home!

Schoolhooling has begun in our home! Well, literally, it already has, ever since the daughter was born. I mean, parents are the children’s first teachers, right? Therefore, since we became parents, then non-formal teaching has been happening around us. Now though, the daughter is already 5 years old. She is ready to be a Kindergarten now, and so, more teaching shall take place even more. I wish to send her to Kindergarten school, but since I am still a stay-at-home mom, I’d rather do the full teaching to her by homeschooling her. That’s what we’re actually doing right now. We are still in an informal classroom instruction because it is still summer break. When the Dad starts his Fall semester at the university, that’s when I’ll formally and officially start my instruction to our daughter. She is enrolled now in one of the leading homeschooling institution in the country and a week after we enrolled her, we got in the mail all the materials and resources that I will be using for the Advanced Kindergarten curriculum where the daughter is categorized. That means our home becomes her academic school now. So, classroom decorations are what I am starting to put up each day. Our other bedroom becomes the classroom so all our homeschool resources are there. The walls have the teachers guides, the visual aids, and more and it is starting to look like a real classroom now. So who says I can’t homeschool? Actually, I am more than up for the challenges, all for my daughter’s sake!

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