New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions It's a New Year, which means new goals! I've seen New Years Resolutions popping up everywhere, so link up below if you want me to comment on your goals. :) And please leave a comment yourself if you have a moment. Kristen's Goals1. Blogwise I need to start keeping up with my blog. I am so fortunate to have a blog partner now - April Nichole - and she's already making me more organized than I ever was before. But I need to update reviews more often along with reviewing books in a timely matter. I still have books from October to review.. bad me. I want to start commenting more on other blogs. It's hard with work and hubby time, but it's doable. I missed my goal of reading 300 books, but I got a lot closer than last year (249 in 2017 and 274 in 2018), so that's my aim. Catch up on review books, even those ones I feel like it's too late to get to. They just need to be read - so I'm hoping to catch up this year. 2. Personally Lose weight by eating right and exercising. Last year was tough on my health. I gained a good amount of weight and hit a weight I never thought I would and dread thinking about. Part of it was stress - my husband was out of work for 6 months and we racked up bills really quickly, but still, I need to lose that weight and then some. He is working and starting school now so things are looking up and I still have my job (hopefully the economy won't change that..). Keep up with housework. I know, we all dread the scrubbing and keeping things clean, but it got a little crazy last year and I can't let it go this year. I will keep up. Stay positive. I have a tendency to see the negatives in each situation and I just have to keep my head up and keep going. Stop wasting time on Facebook games. I know I'll still play every once in a while, but I'm limiting myself to 30 minutes total a day starting today. I need to concentrate on reading, blogwork and family stuff - not gaining another level in Treasure Isle.

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