Organizing Content for Designing Information Architecture

Organizing Content for Designing Information Architecture One of the most important elements of every website-blog site is its content. Content is the key factor that your viewers are looking for. Through great design your user gets a sense of who you are and what you do and your content needs to back that up. The information architecture of your content is also equally important how long does it take the user to find the information they are looking for? Below I have outlined an easy to follow, simple process that will help you organize your ideas and content from the get go so that your website process runs smoothly. For the purpose of this exercise I have put together a pretend company called The Blog Studio Perk a neighborhood coffee shop. Here are the 6 Simple Steps with an example using a coffee shop website that has a blog component integrated into it. Define the purpose of your site? What are the objectives? Objectives: MAIN – to sell product & coffee off the site – to entice people to go into the coffee shop - to entice people to hold events at the shop SECONDARY – to create a sense of lifestyle & educate on coffee shop culture – to show we are at the top of the coffee shop world we are small and independent and care about our customers – To show our customers that they will enjoy the experience if they stay for a while or just run in to grab a cup of joe – Build credibility in our community that we are knowledgeable about our products and services Brainstorm on all possible topics, content, subjects etc that you may write about on the site. Don’t do this in any order; just let your mind run with it and write down everything that comes to your head.

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