Mom-Me Time on a Monday

Mom-Me Time on a Monday I got up way early this morning because I felt like my body wanted me to do so. Five thirty in the morning it was. It isn’t really that early when you’re an early riser but for me who usually gets up at 7 something in the morning, such was way early. (I’m actually an early riser when I need to, but because my classes are in the evening, the routine is sleeping late and waking up late.) The sun didn’t shine yet, and I thought the thunderstorm and tornadic weather from yesterday would continue like how the meteorologists forecasted. Scary, but guess what, the heavens showed me a million reasons to be positive and happy for today. Here’s a snap I took of the eastern sky visible through my work room’s window: It was so beautiful that I got tempted to go out and stay for a couple minutes at our deck and just enjoyed the sky. It was only in the 50s but I didn’t mind the chill. Morning hours like this morning are my perfect time of meditating and with the gorgeous horizon I was blessed with today, gratitude was just overflowing. First, we experienced the longest time last night of being on a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning and watch and it was so traumatic but literally, there is always sunshine after the rain and that’s what I got as I start my full-packed week. Second, there was a tornado that touched down some 10 miles from our place but nobody was hurt, just farm houses and barns got flattened. There was devastation, but it is nothing compared to what poor Joplin town in Missouri has went through. Next, nothing bad has happened to my loved ones everywhere. Another, our Spring fever has finally subsided, except for the husband’s little itchy throat that keeps disturbing him. And then, the list goes on and on, especially when I think about the so many little blessings I’ve been blessed with. Finally, my me-time this morning is spent reviewing my notes for my last day of class today. That’s right, LAST DAY! I am so thrilled as I have been wishing for this semester to be over and now it will finally happen. A glass of hot chocolate (Milo that was) was well sipped as I went through all my notes and drafts for the skills practical exam that we’ll be doing later and now, I think I am ready even though I still am reluctant at times. Lol. Me-time? Absolutely on this early hour of Monday! I’m always the early riser in this household and while I do “my thing” (including minding my blogs, my inbox, and FB, LOL) this morning, hearing the snores that my two housemates had gave me another reason to be thankful: that I have them for as long as I live. Of course, the silence didn’t last because less than two hours later, the giggles, the laughs, and the silliness are back and the real start of my week just began when my daughter exclaimed, “Mang, I gotta run to the bathroom otherwise, Dadi’s tickles can make me pee!” LOL.

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