The Blog Studio

The Blog Studio Work has now officially begun on the redesign of the Diva Marketing Blog. Toby and I have been working through the first couple of steps in our plan. We’ve set our targets, and the design stage is now getting underway. The first step in designing any webpage is determining what info your page will hold. Next comes the clumping stage. With a blog this is especially important. On the typical blog page, one will find a bunch of little bits of information: lists of recent articles, recent comments, blogrolls, search box and more. These need to be analyzed and organized in order to best suit a site’s raison d’etre. I have a pretty good idea how I’ll be handling this part of Toby’s site. You’ll have to wait a week to find out though! I’ll be getting a couple of concept roughs to Toby shortly. These will be really rough. Concept roughs are meant to show concepts, not design. This will be clear when you see the work. The next step will be to take the concept Toby selects, along with her feedback and any ideas our conversation sparks back to the drawing board. I’ll develop two design comps for her to review. These will be 90% of the way to finished sites, but will not be working web pages. Another conversation will ensue. Usually it’s a matter of just saying “go”, but occasionally I’ll make some changes to make sure the design is 100% on. From here it’s off to production. This can take anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on a blog’s complexity.

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