I remember years ago when I started learning about blogs and realized how brilliant the whole concept was.

I remember years ago when I started learning about blogs and realized how brilliant the whole concept was. I immediately thought of all the great ideas people I knew had, and how difficult it felt for them to get to the next step in their business goals. When I joined forces with Peter and became a partner at The Blog Studio it was amazing how little people new about blogs. This was less than 2 years ago. Everyone I knew had to have a long explanation about what I was doing and what the company was all about. l spoke to many blank stares and eventually mastered how to explain the concept to different people. I must admit, I converted many – even my Mom has a blog. I remember watching an episode of the OC over a year ago and one of the characters mentioned his blog – it was the first time I had ever heard it spoken in the mainstream, pop culture media. I can still remember how giddy I felt about it, I was so excited that the world of social media was growing fast and people would get to love blogging as much as I do. On Tuesday, July 17 David Letterman had his top ten list titled Top Ten Titles of My Recent Blog Entries Now if that isn’t an indication of how popular blogs have become I don’t know what is. My favorite off the list is number 3: Are you there, God? It’s me, Dave. I’ve prayed to the internet gods many a time. It’s great to see the advancements in social media, and simply watching our client’s businesses grow and get to the next level through their web/ blog sites. The simple concept of distributing information is incredible. We now participate with individuals not corporations, we can research and make smart buying decision in a way that was never possible. I know that I’ve personally saved a bundle by simple reading other people’s thoughts on products and services before I buy. So anyone have any guesses at what will be main stream next year? Will advertising agencies adapt? Will talents work together at creating some of the most incredible networks the world has seen? Will we save the world together? I’m just happy at knowing that everyone has a voice and way to share their creativity, expertise and knowledge with the rest of the world without spending a fortune. Social Media has allowed the world to truly be everybody’s oyster.

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