Today is Father’s Day, as the world celebrates it every third Sunday of the month of June

Today is Father’s Day, as the world celebrates it every third Sunday of the month of June. When I woke up this morning, I had to thank God for blessing me with the person beside me who is simply the best Daddy to my child(ren). It’s an emotional moment for me every time I see my husband sleeping so well with our daughter on the other side. I feel so blessed by his presence in my life. He isn’t the perfect father, but he is the best in his own way exemplifying fatherhood the way our Heavenly Father demonstrates it. Indeed, it pays to have a Bible-believing partner beside you! I wasn’t blessed with lots of years to have a father. I was orphaned by my own Papa when I was only 15 years old. It was a heartbreaking moment because he was my number one supporter and I was a Papa’s girl. However, the Lord didn’t fail to grant me a husband who is the right person to father my offspring. This man, for 6 years now, have been celebrating Father’s Day courtesy of his daughter(s) from me. Lol. @ Red Canyon State Park! And since he became a Daddy, I see parenthood to be so joyful and fulfilling and the responsibilities are never a burden! Fatherhood is… …making the journey as easy as a walk in the park! Er, a trail! …when simple moments like enjoying the lifestyle of God’s creation is cherished! …when he’s willing to go back to his daughter so they can climb the obstacle together! …when he exemplifies how to do things the right way! …when he’s there for his kid as she learns how to brave life’s waves! …when he cherishes special moments like this! Those are just a few of the awesome snaps I have showing how joyful fatherhood is for my husband. I’m sure every father is different in their own ways of expressing their love and responsibilities to their own family. My children’s father is not perfect, but each moment, I appreciate every thing he does for his own family. He’s the best! We don’t have a huge father’s Day celebration around here, but I wish him and all fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day! 159th of the 169/366 BPC Thank heavens for high technologies, right? If you’re like me who is a grateful soul for all these high tech inventions that I get to enjoy and take advantage of, then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about when I say I love how this live answering service through our telephone system works. So neat and cool that it makes communicating very personalized. Even when we were gone for two weeks, still, the phone calls that our home phone number received while we were away were never gone. They were stored in our voice answering service and were even forwarded to my e-mail enabling me to know who called us at a certain time and day. Indeed, gone are the days when reaching out to someone would take days and weeks and even months! Now, in just a span of a moment, our keeping in touch to the people who are in the other side of the world happens instantly. Lucky are we in today’s generation who can benefit such form of high technology!

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