We’re huge WordPress fans at The Blog Studio. It’s definitely the Swiss Army knife of content distribution.

We’re huge WordPress fans at The Blog Studio. It’s definitely the Swiss Army knife of content distribution. It’s great at so many things, and the user community is enormous and generous. With that in mind, we’re very excited for WordPress 3.1, which has just been released. It’s the 14th incarnation of the blogging platform, and they’re calling this incarnation Django, after legendary jazz guitarist Django Reihnardt. The biggest change is that WordPress 3.1 has really expanded its’ CMS features. It has been pretty obvious that the software has been heading in this direction for a while, but this version is a big jump. They have overhauled the import/export functions which is fantastic. We’ve done a bunch of blog migrations over the years, and they haven’t always been easy. This should change from here on out. It’s also possible to add custom archive pages, which is another time saver if you’ve hacked your blog up and customized it. The entire admin functionality has been overhauled and streamlined, so creating posts, managing users and keeping things flowing smoothly will take less time. With this admin overhaul, you can pop up your most used functions with one click. This is a big win for heavy users, or people who manage a few sites. Features that are used less frequently have been moved off screen to reduce the clutter. However, the new setup is customizable, so you can basically arrange things to your personal liking. You’ll also notice the control panel is more blue than ever! Below the surface, WordPress 3.1 stomps out more than 800 existing bugs. That’s impressive considering how short the development cycle is. Once again, it’s possible to update via the dashboard in the control panel, or download the package and install it yourself. As usual, if you have a lot of plugins running, you may need a hand to get things working right, so drop us a line of that’s the case. If not, the auto install should work out great. Remember to backup your site first, because installation disasters, while rare, can and do happen. WordPress 3.1 isn’t a massive change, but it’s another step towards an even more stable platform with full blown CMS capabilities. Enjoy, and happy blogging!

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