I don’t think my SIL’s swimming pool in her backyard has one of those raypak pool heaters.

I don’t think my SIL’s swimming pool in her backyard has one of those raypak pool heaters. I think there’s none because the last time we chatted with Pa-in-law who does the lawn and yard maintenance at the SIL’s place in Las Vegas, he said they’re planning to empty the pool with water the entire winter season. The husband has argued it is not good to dry the pool because it could damage its wall or cement so now, they’re still considering the option of just leaving the water on it. It doesn’t snow in Las Vegas anyway, so I think it is just alright to have it in full operation; they just need to put up a pool heater. We wouldn’t be spending our Christmas break there but next year, we’re planning to, and I hope we can take a dip in that swimming pool by then! I don’t know why but I think my current pregnancy takes me to reading parenting magazines again. The unfortunate part is that, I have stopped subscribing from American Baby, Parents, and Baby Talk magazines already. I thought every thing can be read online and since I can be online anytime I want to, I’ll have access to any of the articles that would interest me. However, my current state gives me laziness to stay in the computer for long. I feel like my body is so heavy these days that I have to drag myself to do my online tasks and mind my blogs. I only want to lie down in bed or in the couch that even household chores I tend to leave them behind. Poor hubby! Ha ha ha. Well, he understands. And I am thankful that Fall semester is over! He just have to finish checking the final tests and do the grading and he can mind our home for me until Spring semester starts next year! According to my pregnancy date calculator, I am currently 6 weeks and 4 days along the way. Last Tuesday was my very first prenatal check up and yes, my housemates went with me to my OB-GYN expecting that we will be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Unfortunately, the nurse practitioner old us that it is still too early to do that and we are scheduled for it on my second visit which is when I’ll be on my 12 weeks. So far, everything is great, thank God! Thank you all for your congratulations and well-wishes! Thank you all for being happy for us as we savor the goodness of God’s Christmas gift to the three of us.

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