Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration There’s a certain inevitable repetition that comes from being a specialist designer. Whether it’s brochures, business cards, or blogs, there are sets conventions and content that appear time and again. Keeping each project fresh and distinctive requires a steady outward flow of creativity. Fueling that creativity is that most elusive and intangible state: inspiration. Inspiration as fuel is a fitting metaphor. It’s required to power the engine that cranks out great design. Unlike fuels derived from a single source (say, gasoline), inspiration can come from a myriad of places. I get my inspiration from fiction, music, print design, art, and nature. I’m hugely inspired by the act of inspiration that went into creating the thing I behold. When I read fiction, I think about the fact that another human sat down and drew together characters and a plot. When I look at art, I think about the movement of the artist as he translated a blank canvas into a finished piece. For me, the inspiration comes not from the the piece that I read, see, or hear, but from the act of creation that brought it to be. In that sense, what I do is recycle. I get inspired by inspiration, and use that energy to fuel the birth of something new. What about you? What are your sources of inspiration?

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