Back in October we posted a WordPress tutorial for version 2.6.2.

Back in October we posted a WordPress tutorial for version 2.6.2. Mike created another guide for Version 2.7 since it looks quite different. Link to the guide: TBS-Wordpress_Walkthrough-2.7-V1_.pdf - it covers all the essentials for someone who is unfamiliar with WordPress 2.7. Some of the great new features of WordPress version 2.7 are: Stick Post to Front Page - you can select this option and the post will stay to the top of the front page. Quick Edit - this function allows you to quickly edit any context excluding the body of the post without having to load the page Quick Press - allows you to post right from the dashboard if you only need access to the title, body, upload function. Mass Editing - you can now edit categories, tags, status etc… of multi posts at the same time. Screen Options - allows you to choose what items you want visible on the pages of the control panel. You can strip an entire post page to only show the title and body. Pagination of Comments is built in to the theme Dashboard - you can reply to comments & are reminded of drafts directly from the dashboard Comments - you can reply to comments from the Comment admin area Threaded Comments - makes discussions easier to follow We will update the guide as feedback pours in - so please feel free to leave your questions or comments.

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