Today, our little darling Tiara is sick.

Today, our little darling Tiara is sick. It is never fun when a child in your home is sick. I am not used to having one, because when Triz was growing up, she never got sick, even with just colds. I think breasfeeding her during the entire two years gave her enough strong immunie system. It is what my conclusion, because with Tiara, she seems to easily catch the colds even with just the change of weather. I was only able to breastfed her for 6 months and it surely made a difference in her immune system. Yesterday was the first day for this year that we got to feel the summery temperature. 81 degrees Fahrenheit is already very hot for us who are used to the Central Wisconsin winter. Even with the winds and how cool they blow for us who live in a surroundings with countless trees, still, the heat made Tiara’s nose dripped like crazy. I knew that a colds is imminent, especially that she started becoming cranky in the afternoon. Sure enough, around dawn today, I got up next to a feverish baby with 101.9F body temperature. I had to give her a dose of Tylenol at 3am and gave her a little cold compress. It always works good every time! At 11am today, the fever has subsided and our little darling is back to her usual happy self. She still has the temperature, but she is well. Ate Triz had a great time playing pretend. She took a sleeping mask and used it as one that doctors and nurses use and pretended to be Dr. Triz Duarte, Tiara’s pediatrician. Lol. She was so hilarious and the little sister was having a good time being the patient. With kiddos like them, even in a trying time, I still am a happy mom. Tiara is still as happy as can be, despite having the disturbing colds brought by the change of weather. Sick but happy Tiara, 062513 She does wants to be carried and cuddled, though, for most times, so I have a very tedious job! Which, I don’t mind actually! I always feel blessed to be able to experience motherhood at its worst, and that is when your kids are sick. For me, it is during this time that I can see how helpless our children are, and how in need they are of a caring parent; a mom at that! My husband is the one who easily gets nervous and I am the more relaxed and calm one. Whenever one of his girls isn’t feeling well, he would always resort to taking the patient to the doctor while I am the one that never fusses out. For me, a sickness is a reminder that we are normal human beings; that life isn’t perfect and when one is sick, we need to be more mindful of their needs. Also, drugs are not my first aid. A mother’s prayer is. Before I give any medications to whoever I am taking care of, I always consult The Greatest Physician first. Medications don’t work well if they aren’t blessed to do their role to give healing to the sick by The One Who can do the impossible. Did you know that when a mother prays, God will open the windows of heaven and will hear the prayer of a faithful mom? I have that kind of faith and it is what relaxes and calms me even during my kids’ unhealthy moments.

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