BP Oil Spill and Your Beach Vacation.

BP Oil Spill and Your Beach Vacation. Since the explosion of a BP oil rig on the night of April 20th, many industries have been grossly affected by the disastrous spewing of oil into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. President Obama has made several trips to the region inquiring about measures to quell the millions of gallons constantly flowing with no resolve. Local fisheries and their daily earnings are at a stand still, ultimately affecting viability of their families, restaurants, and local tourism. One can only wonder what all of this entails for family vacation plans to destinations along the southern shores. On the coasts of Florida, beachgoers can see the effects of wildlife, and small sand encrusted oil sludge globules washed ashore as reported by one reporter from The Weather Channel. Will this be the demise of travels to warm and sun-filled tourist attractions, annually descended upon by millions? I am certain that fish and seafood merchants are scrambling for suppliers, animal rescues escalated, and vacation/hotel reservation cancellations by the thousands. We are all hoping that the engineers repair this leak soon to limit the progression of the shores’ damage. Will this crisis affect your family vacation this year? Let me know your thoughts about the BP Oil Spill.

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