A Physically Fit Family

A Physically Fit Family So, finally here! Have you planned of fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions? Rather, my question should have been, what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Well, even if you won’t ask me, mine isn’t listed on a piece of paper as it is just etched in my heart and mind. Sure, it includes being more physically active in order to stay healthier. I don’t think I am going to make a trip towards a professional detox but food-wise, I will engage myself in a detoxification program with foods that are not too hard to be bought (because of limited availability) or be swallowed (because I am not used to the taste). As a family, we aim to be physically fit all year round. So that even on winter season, with the more than a foot of snow around us, still, we are fit enough to enjoy the outdoor despite the cold temperatures! Are you physically fit to enjoy the snow? With hyperactive kids, we, as parents, need to get going! Thus, is aimed to be a healthier year for all of us physically! Hopefully, there will not be any severe cases of colds or flu that we will encounter! To do that, along with enough rest and exercise, foods that can naturally detoxify our systems should be a part of our chosen healthier diet. Now it’s your turn– what is (or are) your New Year’s Resolution(s)?

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