Restored to Factory Default Setting

Restored to Factory Default Setting I am a happy camper now. Aside from receiving the new Nikon S205 digital camera for a trial use to see if the photos will be better than my current digicam, my desktop computer is now back to normal as well after three days of being on a stand-by mode because of a Trojan attack. Blogging in a 10.1″-screen is not so “in” to me anymore after being on a 21″-monitor almost everyday since January of this year. Which reminds me it’s been 10 years since this desktop was purchased. So, with a new Nikon digital camera, more photos will be uploaded soon. With a somewhat new desktop (since this was reformatted and is now back to its factory setting format), all of the photo editing software that came from the operating system that I got are also installed and another one was added last night when I had Nikon S205’s software ran and readied for use as well. One of the photo editors that I have been using is Corel Paintshop Pro. I have it in my old Dell laptop as a free version, but when I have to install it in a different computer, its only available for 45 days as a free trial. Well, now, I am given the chance to get the full version of PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate because currently, it’s being on sale. You might want to check it out and grab your own, if you are into Corel as your photo editor.

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