It’s been an idle couple of weeks for me when it comes to When SAHMone Speaks meme but this time

It’s been an idle couple of weeks for me when it comes to When SAHMone Speaks meme but this time, I don’t want to miss sharing my thoughts on the question: “What made you decide to be on your current mommy status (WAHM, SAHM, Working Mom)? Was it hard for you?” I knew that I will be a full-time stay-at-home parent when the time comes. I am thankful that our marriage gave me that privilege. But I think that’s because we are based here in the US. If we were in our home country Philippines, I am sure I am one working mommy out there. Ours is a marriage full of sacrifice if I may say and if you may agree. At least, to me personally. You see, I got married nearly a month after I graduated in college. A couple months later, the husband has to return to the US for his schooling and I was left in the Philippines to process my visa so I can join him here and we could be together. Well, it took us 7 months before the visa was granted so the husband and I started our marriage lives apart. It was so hard waiting for the visa that I’ve thought of working there since there were job opportunities available for me but it would conflict my goal of coming here and be with the husband. He, on the other hand kept on asking me to just stay away from job opportunities while I wait for the visa. As a fresh graduate, I was so eager to work. But I sacrificed a lot not to. Lol. When finally the time came for me to join the husband here, the reunion was the greatest. However, the first few weeks and months were terrible. I fought homesickness at its worst. I was left all alone at home every day when my sister-in-law works and my husband studies. I’ve never been so alone and lonely on those many days. Gosh, life here in the US isn’t that easy at all! I wanted to work but I couldn’t, because of immigration restrictions. There were no under-the-table jobs in the place where we lived so I had to find a way for me not to be depressed. I wanted to go back to Philippines but of course, the husband begged me not to. To shorten the story, having a baby would be best for me. Eight months later, the pregnancy test gave us a positive result and everything changed. Becoming a full-time mom didn’t need to be chosen; it was my only way to survive since I couldn’t work yet given my visa status and I couldn’t study either because the husband was studying that time and school cost was as high as the heavens! Lol. So yeah, it was my way of making my life occupied and fulfilled. And no, it was NEVER a hard decision since it was all that I wanted. Now, almost five years have passed. Still, I am enjoying my being a full-time mom while doing some money-making online and going to school part-time. Soon, I want to work full-time and apply what I’ve academically learned in the real world setting. However, I am not in a hurry because we are currently working on having our second child. If we’ll be blessed with one soon, parenthood will for sure become more exciting, more challenging, but definitely more fulfilling. Yay!

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