Making Sand Castles

Making Sand Castles In the summer, I got a treat from my family here, just 6 months from my arrival here in the US to join my husband. We went off to Florida for a week of adventure and I loved how it turned out since we didn’t have a baby yet that time. The hubby and I were like honeymooners in one of those Orlando Hotels where we stayed and also in Daytona Beach. Ahh… it was a beautiful thing to remember. Now that Triz is around, a Floriday getaway will be a different one. The beach– that’s what this little girl is looking forward to the most, along with the Disney experience, the SeaWorld, and so on and so forth. I am sure there are loads of fun awaiting everyone who are taking a Florida vacation, and for my own daughter, building a sand castle by the seashore is one thing she will be doing each morning! I sure can’t blame her as myself am really looking forward to walking by the seashore barefoot! So when’s our Florida getaway? Well, we are eyeing December this year. We still have to look at our schedule– ours and our friend The Nikolovs in Illinois. We have planned of driving there together so it would be fun! My best friend is based there, too, so it won’t be a problem finding for someone to tour us around. Hopefully, all these desired Florida trip will be pushed through!

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