Progressive Parenting

Progressive Parenting I am continuing my daily challenge to post a photo a day for the entire year of 2012 and today is my fourth entry for this challenge that Me and My Passion is currently hosting. I am browsing my photo archives and I’ve thought of posting this: our holiday cards which I’ve mailed last December 9th, to our friends and loved ones all around the world. I printed 30 pieces of our personalized family greeting card and the husband bought 10 more of ready made ones which he personally wrote in and we sent it out altogether on the date mentioned. I know all of those we sent with US addresses arrived promptly and one which was on its way to Hong Kong, one to Dubai, and one to Australia, arrived a couple weeks later. The ones that we sent to Philippines just got there last Tuesday, January 3rd, despite paying for a Priority Postage for it. Nevertheless, it got there successfully so I am still thankful. However, I have yet to hear from my Uncle in Bagontaas, Valencia City Bukidnon, and my Nanay in Bansalan, Davao del Sur if they have received theirs. These two dear souls are my late Papa’s siblings and I sent each of them a card to let them know that I think of them often. Hopefully, the cards reach their hands safely. It’s always nice to send out holiday thoughts to our loved ones and friends. I received quite a lot over the holiday and it equally feels great. I shall do the same next year and I’m sure, the thrill is always awesome! Thank you to all of you blogger friends who sent your holiday cards to me as well! I love them all!

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