Back at Reading

Back at Reading Since I have bought two new books last weekend, I feel like being so refreshed right now for spending more time reading than writing. While I am researching online for extra-curricular activities that I can let my daughter enroll to, I also read reviews of products that sound so relevant to me these days, especially reviews for OTC meds and even cigarrest reviews which my brother-in-law considers to be his savior right now. See, this brother-in-law of mine has been diagnosed with an ulcer and he is currently based in the Middle East. His doctor advised him to quit smoking and being away from his family, he is very much willing to take the challenge for his own self’s sake. I wish him well, and I really hope that the cigarrest that he considers his avenue can really be his savior as he take the step to being a smoke-free individual. As for the book that I am into, I really am mesmerized with The BOND by The Three Doctors. Man, it is too hard to put down. Every word is with meaning and the authors who are the three doctors are so inspiring. I’m sure some of you have known about these persons’ lives. I will try to make a review of this book soon, when I can finish reading it. It truly has touched my heart and I am in awe of the authors. This reading journey makes me realized that reading, all through these years, is still my best avenue to be me.

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