Tiara Turns 1

Tiara Turns 1 This morning, I woke up with so much gratefulness in my heart. It is the anniversary of that painful labor after an induction which led to delivering my second daughter, our precious Tiara. Surely, time passed by so quickly! I still couldn’t forget the edema in my hands, feet, and even face (Lol) from the very hot summer season last year and the hassling schedules of OB-GYN visits because of the intense monitoring of my pregnancy caused by my hypertension. It was a blessed journey, and today, the precious soul who used to be my very mobile and restless wombmate is now 1 year old! Thank You, Father! I may sound to be so redundant time and again, but as a mom, I guess I am designed to be one. Lol. In my eyes, my daughters are the most beautiful creations. How they grow and develop new skills and antics each day is beyond my comprehension and I thank God every day for giving them good health and sound wandering mind that make them unique and extraordinary. We didn’t have a grand party today as we already celebrated their birthdays last July 4th weekend with our friends so we just spent the day by ourselves and our family in Las Vegas. Since we are not into cakes at all, I have thought of making a Rice Muffin aka giant Puto cheese instead, colored it pink, and topped it with the birthday candle for our birthday girl to blow. Rice puto cheese… to the delight of everybody! Tiara is a joy. Though she acts to be the “boss” at times and tests our patience with her “bossyness”, she has that spark in her eyes that melts our heart every time she smiles. The big sister even exclaimed one time, ”Mom, Tiara’s eyes look like stars! They seem to shine every time she smiles!” Lol. I don’t exactly know how Triz saw the star in her little sister’s eyes, but I know what she’s saying! Lol. This little darling of ours makes us smile more, love more, appreciate life more, grateful even more, and simply make each day worth living. Spell C. U.T. I.P. I.E. I never imagined my life to be this fulfilled when I wasn’t married yet. I always thank my God for making me so privileged to become a mom to two beautiful children and along with that is my gratitude as well to my (almost perfect) husband for making this parenting journey so easy. My husband took a picture of me with my July 28th celebrant as I was telling her that a year ago today, she gave me so much pain as she tried to make her exit from my tummy into this world but the pain seemed to have disappeared instantly the moment I held her in my arms for the first time. He joked at me saying that my smile now doesn’t show any scar of that painful labor at all. It is partly true and partly not. I believe that there will never be anything more painful than dealing with those contractions and childbirth so the pain, though they have been replaced with so much joy, will always be a part of my being a mother. Like her big sister Triz, I hope Tiara will be a good kid, too, following Jesus’ examples first and then us, her parents, and be a blessing to others.

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