The Shield Finale

The Shield Finale Guest blogger Patrick Mcworth wrote this for me. The Shield was a show based on an experimental division in the Los Angeles Police Department nicknamed “the Farm”. Using a converted church as their station, the “Strike Team” )featured group of rogue detectives) brought their particular brand of justice to the streets of the fictionalized Farmington district. Michael Chiklis played the part of Strike Team leader Vic Mackey. He, along with Walton Gogginsb (Shane Vendrell), Kenneth Johnson (Curtis Lemansky), and David Rees Snell )Ronnie Gardocki) made up the infamous anti-gang unit. Though the show had an involved ensemble cast, the main focus was on the 4-man team’s variety of illegal and unethical methods used to maintain peace on the streets and their numerous ways of making profits through illegal drug protection schemes and outright robberies. By season 5, the Strike Team was under a lot of heat by IAD. Lem was forced into wearing a wire in hopes of incriminating his team members but he finds a way of letting Vic know and a clever plan was devised to full IAD. In the last episode, Shane, never truly trusting Lem to not fold under the pressure, kills him with a stolen hand grenade. It was 1 of the most well-constructed scenes I’ve ever watched and so well-performed that I actually shed a few hot tears. I was so thankful of my satellite tv providers in Atlanta that night.

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