Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities Learning is the experience of gaining knowledge or skills. It's a way to self improvements and satisfy you towards life contenment. That is why we parents should encourage our children to do some extra curricular activities to do aside school activities especially on their free time at summer. Last Saturday at the park while me and my husband playing basketball a man came, introduce himself and wanting to play basketball with us. In the middle of our conversation he made mention that he is a music teacher and tutoring special session in piano lessons. Wow amazing, what a coincidence because we are looking a pianist instructor to teach our daughter this coming summer. To those who doesn't know, my husband is a music teacher specializing and teaching piano lessons but the problem is that we don't have a piano here in America considering that were still living at the apartment. If we have my hubby can teach our daughter without paying anything. Yes, that's one thing my hubby missed much and by the time we have a bigger unit or our own house surely we can get a piano. We want our daughter to start and join in some extra curricular activities. Although our family is musically inclined but it doesn't mean and give you an assurance that your children will follow your footsteps. Taking piano lessons this summer will surely make my child fun and busy.

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