It’s When SAHM-one Speaks time!

It’s When SAHM-one Speaks time! This week’s question is this: Any old “baby” practice that you still follow i. e. putting thread on baby’s forehead when they have hiccups or letting your baby wear the black and red beaded bracelet to oppose bad eyes? Unfortunately, there isn’t any at all for me. Well, I have tried the putting thread on by baby’s forehead when she had hiccups once, but the husband was laughing at me. He said there isn’t a single sense in doing so, so I took it off, with the hiccups still on. Lol. And that’s the only old baby practice that I saw my older sisters doing which they said they also got from the elderly. Didn’t work to me. However, child dedication is a family custom to us. It rooted down to our Biblical principle, too, and that’s what I am gonna share which is quite relevant to the baby practice that I have done and will do. That’s the daughter, at 4 months, on the first Sabbath of November in 2006, when we dedicated her to God. There’s the three of us. Yay! Me looking so happy and thrilled that time! And this was the very ceremony, when the church Pastor carried Triz and said a prayer of dedicating the child to God! And this is the Child Dedication Certificate of the daughter Like I’ve said, child dedication has been a family custom of ours that stems from the Biblical principle that we believe in. Dedicating the child to God is surrendering to the Creator everything that the child possess and asking Him to bless and guide the child in all ways. It’s a constant reminder to us that we are just stewards of this child and as one, we should be responsible parents providing the child with all the things that she needs and leading her in the right direction towards heaven. Junks, anyone? Look around your house and I am sure there is one. To many of you, there is more. Junks for me are anything (furniture or appliance, or any valuable stuff) that you aren’t using anymore. Check the corners of your home and you can see, maybe a standing lamp shade, a couch or sofa, maybe an old TV, a bed or cabinets, maybe a car in your garage, and so many more! I’ve read somewhere that in America, houses are full of junks. True, right? At least, it’s partly true to me, because I have a few junks here at my abode. Most though are outgrown toys of my daughter. Many of those stuff that I have here are dropped off at those stores that do reselling for used items, and the little stuff– I put in jumbo-size boxes to be shipped to the Philippines. How about you– how do you deal with your junks? Maybe you need an Appliance Removal Chicago for your old refrigerator, or TV, or laundry set? If you are trying to find a way to get rid of those junks around your home, may be giving 1-800-GOT-JUNK a call would be the best remedy! We are moving soon to a new place of residency, and for sure, we’ll have useful junks to get rid of; but the husband has promised that she will drop these stuff off at the nearby reselling store so for me, 1-800-GOT-JUNK is but a recommendation to you!

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