Contribution by Franklin Meyers

Contribution by Franklin Meyers The worst wedding I went to was for one of my roommates from college. I hadn't been to too many weddings in my lifetime and the one's I had been to were for older folks and whatnot. Since this wedding was for younger folks, I was expecting to see something more in tune with what I had seen in the movies. Something that actually seemed like it could be at least a little fun instead of an hour long cheese fest. Instead, it turned into a day long cheese fest in which I fell asleep at. I guess that's what I get for going to a wedding I had no business attending. I actually first met the dude when I was living in the school dormitory. I didn't really know him very well at the time because he lived on a different floor and basically spent all his time with his girlfriend. With a mutual friend, the three of us decided to live in an apartment together along with two other friends of mine. While we were roommates, I was a little surprised to be invited to his wedding seeing as how we barely hung out outside of house meetings and the like. Anyway we didn't know anyone there since all the other guests who were not family were invited by his bride to be. All they did was talk about her life for hours on end.

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