Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott Lethal Weapon is one of my favorite action movies. Mel Gibson stars as burnout, loose cannon cop, Martin Riggs, recovering from the tragic death of his wife. Danny Glover is the aging detective, devoted husband and father, Roger Murtaugh. Forced to partner together, the two personalities immediately clash in a comical way. They investigate the murder of a teen-aged girl, who happens to be the daughter of an old Vietnam buddy of Murtaugh's. Riggs, also a Vietnam vet, did assassination work with the Special Forces. As the two men dig deeper into the case their prime witness is killed in an explosion. Another witness identifies the culprits as also being Special Forces types, just like Riggs. This leads the detectives back to Murtaugh's Vietnam buddy. He reveals that he's been working with an ex-CIA group smuggling heroin into the United States and that they killed his daughter to keep him quiet. The mercenaries kidnap Murtaugh's daughter and attempt to murder Riggs in an effort to stop their investigation. In a big action climax, the pair rescue Murtaugh's daughter, escape capture and ultimately stop the mercenaries. My favorite quote from the film is when Murtaugh says to Riggs “I guess we'll have to register you as a lethal weapon.”The great thing about watching movie like Lethal Weapon on satellite TV from.

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