Great Games

Great Games When my daughter turns ten months old, it's the beginning of buying stuff that would likely she could hold until she wants it. I told my husband not to show my daughter that we are trying to spoil her because she would definitely act like one later on. First time parents like us couldn't resist but exploring and embracing every moments on what we have. By the time my baby turns one year old, she probably watching her favorite cartoon show. It's because we have our niece living in the same house so what the cousin's doing she actually followed. One thing they like to do is to explore with dora games. As what I've seen it was indeed great and very educational to young minds. Would you believed that even myself tried it multiple times so that my daughter will understand on how it works. Now that my daughter is a first grader she started to explore things other than playing little stuff. She used to play minding games, hard puzzles and reading books suitable in her age. I cannot explain why but until now my daughter still catching up sometimes with her collectibles videos about dora games. I don't regret collecting those kind of stuff because my little girl learns a lot from counting, identifying, spelling and a lot more. So thankful to the creator of Dora, her name will be patented into the heart and mind of kids from generations to next generations.

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