A trip to Kincaid Park

A trip to Kincaid Park In Alaska I have the opportunity to be constantly surrounded with the beauty of nature. There isn't the constant fear of smog, crime, or even massive natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods. Alaska is a wonderful place to live. A great place that I love to visit on a weekly basis is Kincaid Park. About ten miles away from my home, Kincaid Park offers a beautiful lounge and sitting area that is free for anybody to visit. Not only is it free, there are even farms and various livestock animals that can be seen! Imagine the beauty of crop fields and horses running around within the city limits! My family and I often came here when I was younger, and we try to make a trip every once in a while. It's as easy as setting my home security system, packing my things, and leaving. There are many festivities that happen at Kincaid Park. Picnics for different organizations are the most common, but there is always fun happening. There are also bluffs and winding forest trails to explore, along with a mysterious bone deposit of an ancient whale that was found near the park. No matter what is going on in my life, I can always count on Kincaid Park to help me deal with it. The lounge inside the park even sells food and drinks, and a respite from the summer heat that Alaska gets sometimes. This is definitely a great place to be.

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