Give A Little Favor

Give A Little Favor Yesterday I wasn't able to drop EC's and adgitizing for the reason that I help my aunt in her assigned task with regards on her Medscape certificates. It's not that difficult but all you have to do spend a lot of time in-front of the computer answering those questions related on their field in order for them to get a certificates of advancement. Yes, it's true and I even learned a lot from it. I am not a nurse but I just tried to understand the hard question and anyway it's the two of us helping one another. She needs a minimum of 30 credits or more, so that's it we finished almost midnight yesterday. It's quite a worth and nothing to be worry about with what I missed because one day I made one person happy with my presence. Though she is a kind of strict to her relatives but still I like her for being honest, prank, and most of all a giver.. She is very generous person and in fact she never failed to give us something especially on bolidays and birthdays. She even promised me that this coming birthday of mine she will give something that surely I will treasured. Hmmnn, I have a little idea on what is it all about. Well, lets just wait and see..I don't help and expect something in return. I even told my aunt that my way of helping her is real without any expecting of anything else. She knows about it since then and that's one thing she likes on me the most.

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