So this week’s theme is HOME

So this week’s theme is HOME. Yes, I can feature my home! Sounds easy, right? But it actually isn’t, because I don’t have lots of photos of our own home. I mean, I got lots of shots of my subjects which are people, but not the corners of my home so the following that I’ll be sharing kind of belong to the “limited edition”. Ha ha ha. I had to dig deeper onto my photo archives to find the most presentable snaps because living in an apartment doesn’t really give me the freedom to make my abode aesthetically beautiful. Here are the ones that I can show: Took this shot of our bedroom window showing God’s masterpiece in the sky during one of my idle moments when I was just being lazy; just lying in bed one afternoon. Sometimes, it pays to be just lying in bed doing nothing else but thinking. Yeah, that’s very typical of me! Lol. And yeah, this is the most that I can show of our bedroom! And this is my daughter’s area where all of her stuff are placed. I remember I had to take a photo of this spot in the house right after we finished cleaning up. I thought an arranged area deserves a snap so I can have a souvenir that for once, this place has undergone a spic and span moment. Lol. It didn’t last for days of course! And here’s my daughter in her Bumblebee costume (which I got for free from this DA that contacted me) at our small living room. In one corner of her area, she is allowed to make some mess for her painting session. Lol. Kitchen? Wait, I have to wash the dishes first! It is so hard to maintain a super clean house when you have a child around. Much more, the husband doesn’t care at all! Being a neat-freak that I am, the start of this all was truly a headache! Ha ha ha. But, I’ve learned to let a day pass by not cleaning at all. In fact, our routine is to only clean her area every Friday, to prepare for the Sabbath. And when we have scheduled guests coming over. So don’t ever try to surprise us with your visit and you will not love our cluttered home! LOL. With homeschooling in our plan, discipline will surely be in effect between me and this kiddo! I have yet to make the most suitable spot where we can do our regular academic learning here at home. Like I’ve said, apartment living doesn’t help at all. But until then, I have to make the most of what we “only” have. Lastly, home is where the heart is. I feel at home wherever I am, as long as the husband and the daughter are together with me. We long for the heavenly home most of all; the one that Jesus prepared for you and me (John 14:1-3), and so bearing in mind that the earthly home is just temporary, I can always be grateful for the abode that I have right now, simple this may be, because I know that there are many out there who don’t even have a roof on their heads….

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