Wow. Welcome to The Blog Studio version 5, aka Woody

Wow. Welcome to The Blog Studio version 5, aka Woody. Eight hours from photoshop file to working site. I’m sure there are frayed bits showing here or there, but I really wanted to get this site up for the CSSReboot. A few quick notes before I collapse. This site is the result of all the work I documented in the redesign process (I’ll link to it in the morning – have to fix a couple of things first!). I finally got the insights I needed to design a site I’ll be able to live with for more than a few weeks. To that end, I’ve designed this thing to be easy to update. There are several key branding items that are constant (for example the reversed headline text, the typeface, the layout), but the graphics will change according to the seasons. The theme here is obviously fall. The leaves you see are from my backyard, the wood from a couple of old projects. I intend to change the graphics up pretty frequently. My self-imposed rule is to use real objects that I find and scan, with only minimal tweaking. I’ve ditched the javascript effects in favor of simple and fast. While I received a ton of positive feedback on the last design (?!?), I got pretty tired of ALL the showing and hiding going on. Don’t get me wrong, I think that as a UI device, hiding and showing elements on a page is very useful. But the last version of the site went way overboard in their use. Finally, comments. I’ve turned commenting off for the moment. We’ve been getting slammed by comment spam recently, and I’m just tired of it. This design includes a really lovely comment treatment, so I will be turning them back on once this current spam wave subsides.

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