Managing an Excellent Credit Score

Managing an Excellent Credit Score Family budget– who does what? In some marriages, the husband, being the earner and the provider, does the money management. In most marriages, the husband remits, maybe… most of what he earned, if not all. In other marriages, both do the handling of financial resources. In our case, we are under the last mentioned. With the husband being the sole earner (he doesn’t mind what I earned in my online money-making as he knows I am sending everything to a charity back home) of what our family depends on, he is the one who pays all the bills because most of our accounts are under his name. He lets me keep track of everything and that is the duty he gave to me. He lists all the log in information of all our online accounts and expects me to remind him of things that need attention. We both mind our budget because we both want to maintain an excellent credit score which we have been maintaining and which, fortunately, what we have right now. Hurray to two budget-freak people! Ha ha ha. Maintaining a good or an excellent credit score is a must, if you life in the US! We’ve had a good share of having such kind of credit score when we finally started our independent living– applying for an apartment rental. If we didn’t have an excellent credit rating, we would never have been approved in renting an apartment since we are first timers and we didn’t have any rental history in the past yet, another thing that rental companies consider aside from a credit score. We applied for a free credit score online and thankfully, it gave us an excellent rating. I mean, thankfully, the husband and I have both tried to maintain to have such rating so I must say, it has paid us off. How about you– how well is your credit rating? How concern are you with your budgeting?

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