When SAHM-one SPEAKS this week asks

When SAHM-one SPEAKS this week asks When do you think you should let your child go to school alone? “My daughter is 5 years old now and although she is so much ready to be a learner in the academic world, I am not sending her to school yet, unless I am with her the whole time. Lol. And since I can not because I am not her teacher, then I chose to homeschool her to start her Kindergarten class. I have had some arguments about the pros and the cons of homeschooling and of sending my child to school. Of course, both have reasons good and bad, and for me, the good reasons outweigh the bad right now of homeschooling; thus, the decision. First off, I am full of worry thinking that my child will be in school for 3 hours and I am not around. What if she wants to go potty? (See, she always wants her butt to be washed with water whenever she goes potty, haha!) What if she would feel something painful and she won’t tell her teacher? What if there are bullies around her? What if… what if… what if… I know, I am just a worrier mom! Lol. In short, I am not too ready yet, so I will cherish this age of her while I homeschool and let her learn the many important things she needs to learn so that next year, when she turns 6, I will be ready enough to send her to First Grade in a school campus. By then, my homeschool lessons will just be a supplement. Right now, this is what occupies me: The Teacher’s Guide and all the materials that I have for my Advanced Kindergartner. Yay homeschooling! Tough, but I’ll do these for my daughter’s sake. I am not sure when I can let my daughter go to school alone, but I hope I will be ready enough when she will be a First or Second Grader. Shared for: My sister and niece who live in Japan decided to go home to Philippines and spend 10 months there every year because the family has decided that Shai, the 9-year-old daughter shall go to school in Philippines. It was an exciting moment for them but a very tough, hassle, and tiring flight because they brought their dog with them on a flight from Fukuoka Japan to Cagayan de Oro City in Philippines. Guess what, they took a very dangerous risk and paid a huge amount of money to be able to bring their dog to Philippines. That’s Shai and their dog named Masato. Complete with accessories, like dog beds, cage, dog foods, and so many more, I thought the dog was so lucky! Lol. Now that they’re very much settled in Philippines, according to my sister, their dog, like them, also had to adjust to the new place and new environment. It was a good thing that they brought with them the personal items of their dogs which she is used to because they have seen a feeling of depression in their precious furry family member. On the other hand, hospitalization for animals in veterinary clinics back in Philippines is not so common at all so I hope that Masato the dog will remain to be healthy so that the entire trip will be worth it!

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