The Mother’s Day that Was!

The Mother’s Day that Was! How’s your Mother’s Day weekend, everyone? More than anything else, how’s Mother’s Day for you fellow Mommies? I hope it was beautiful! I hope it was meaningful. I hope it was day worth cherishing forever. Mine is. The pedicure I badly needed– I’ve had last Friday. Good for me, right? Although we got stuck at home last Saturday because the daughter was sick, the hubby, after the church service, brought home a pot of blooming Geranium which the kids at church were distributing to all the mommies in the congregation. I wasn’t around, and yet, I was still thought of. Call that a blessing. And then on Sunday, on the very Mother’s Day, we were blessed with a very bright sunny day that the sun seemed to heed my wish of a warm day. I was so lucky. The huge morning sun on Mum's Day It would have been great if we were able to go somewhere but we didn’t because our little one was coughing and she would tell us it’s not good for her to be in a crowded place. Take out menus we just did and enjoyed our meals at home. I didn’t know that my housemates were up to surprise me with their little token: The huge penholder they got for me! And the bouquet of white roses with a Mother's Day card, too! I never thought my housemates are this toughtful and sweet! Lol. I know, I am one lucky household boss! I wish it’s always Mother’s Day because I can’t deny the fact that I love all the pampering, the thoughtfulness, the sweetness, and the little tokens that moms would receive on their special days! But such day would take place once a year only so here I am now, back to the hectic role that I play 24/7. Oh well, a mom’s job doesn’t, does it? And yes, the reward and fulfillment is endless, too!

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