Teaching Amy

Teaching Amy Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays I’ve been working my heart out trying to teach my daughter about towing her weight but she really just doesn’t get it. She’s a great girl but she’s really naïve to the way the world works and she seems to think money grows on trees. I know it’s my fault because I spoiled her rotten her whole life but she’s about to graduate college and she doesn’t even know how to balance her checkbook if you can believe it. I told her I’d buy her a place in Dallas where she’s going to work after school so she wouldn’t have to worry about rent but she’s going to be responsible for all her other expenses: insurance, utilities, food, etc. I think it’s high time she had to learn how to save and spend responsibly because right now she thinks the definition of responsible is buying a $400 handbag when it goes on sale! I talked to her about Electric Companies Texas had to offer so she could get a good rate on her utilities and I went to the bank with her to help her co-sign on the condo so she could build some credit. She’s going to have to figure out her 401k on her own if her new job offers one because she can’t have me holding her hand for her whole life, you know? I love my daughter and I really wish I had started her younger with this type of thing. I know I did her a disservice by just buying her everything she wanted and not making her get a job when she was younger but I just thought at the time it made more sense to let her be a kid. Now adulthood is staring her in the face and she doesn’t have the money management skills she needs to be a functioning adult and I’m worried it’s all my fault. Oh well, she’ll learn her lessons one way or another so I guess I’m just glad she’s got me around to teach her!

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