Sweet Pink

Sweet Pink It is my second entry to Mommy Adin’s Little One’s Style meme. This time, I’m talking pink! Sweet pink, that is! When you have a baby girl, pink clothes are the easiest to pick up and put in the cart every time you shop. On my trip to the mall last month, this was one of my buys for Little Tiara at the Old Navy: An Old Navy 3-6 Months size dress I thought it was a perfect buy as the cold season was fast approaching. I had her wore the dress on the Sabbath when she turned 10 weeks old and at church, she was the darling of the crowd! Because people always see me and Ate Triz in dress every time we go to church, they were looking forward to see Little Tiara in a dress, too. I have only been letting her wear pants and long sleeves every time, but that Sabbath, she was in this pink dress and people thought she was the cutest! Today, October 28th 2012, Tiara turns 3 months old. She is I think 13 or 14 lbs now according to my estimate. She has grown amazingly and beautifully since she was born on the wee hours of July 28th and I am the most thankful for God’s providence. Ate Triz and I baked some Strawberry muffins today to munch on our little one’s 3rd month birthday and I let her wear the pink Pajama set which is 6-9 months in size after I gave her a bath this afternoon. Like what her pajama says, she is such a sweet soul! Tiara, growing beautifully @ 3 months Pink clothes I am surrounded around here because my girls look adorable and sweet in pink! Now I am starting to keep Ate Triz’s outgrown clothing because for sure, Little Tiara can wear them in her time. Before, all of Triz’s clothes were sent to Philippines, but now, only half of them go and half stays in the storage box for Tiara’s future use.

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