Having a baby gives you the chance to be so loved and thought of by everybody around you

Having a baby gives you the chance to be so loved and thought of by everybody around you. Such thoughtfulness is what I am so thankful for when I became a mother. In our baby preparation with our first daughter six years ago, we got to be recipients by and of so many presents from friends and church family. It is the same thing on our second daughter, thanks to friends and again, our church family here who thinks of us every day and wishes us nothing but the best. We have been so thankful by the gifts we received since pregnancy until today. Last weekend, we were given a Baby Shower party and presents were pouring in, again! Oh how nice it is to be giving birth in the place where I am right now! See, we don’t have this plenteous had I lived in Philippines. Thus, I am so thankful! Yesterday, I received the last bag of presents for our baby from The Hilgart. One of the many priceless presents! What’s nice about this bag of goodies is that the stuff aren’t only for the baby; it also has this book that I so love: Motherhood, A Legacy of Love by Lenore Skomal It is an inspirational book and pages of “A Mother’s Love” greeting cards which I have started to enjoy reading since last night. A voracious reader that I am, since I am mostly offline because of the mommyhood duties that I prioritized, a new book that I can just grab and read is definitely perfect. Thanks to The Hilgart for this present! I have been trying to list down everything that we’ve received so that it will be easier for me to do my part of thanking them. I have a long list already, and although I will have a tedious job of reciprocating the kindness bestowed on us, I am but pleased and enthused to do it as gratefulness abounds within me for being surrounded by wonderful people! All these presents– expensive or not they may be, are for us… priceless!

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